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In conjunction with the packaging label design and the launch campaign Kochstrasse animated three short pre-roll ads for the emoji® deo and shower gel. Beside the 2D animation of the official licensed emoticons my role was to visualize the product in Cinema 4D and the power of the Octane render engine.



For LG seeds Germany Kochstrasse animated a short explainer video to illustrate the urgency for the farmers to get to know the turnip yellows virus.

Over-Ear Headphone


For Sennheiser we animated a full CG video demonstrating all the benefits of their HD4 headphone while taking their corporate guidelines in account.



I made a short video to proof the love to my girlfriend and to make a proper proposal. At the end she said yes.

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation. Concept. Illustration.
  • BEN ESSER: Music.



My entry for the 99frames contest is all about a bustlig network of little bots transporting bits from A to B and a little eager and reckless robot with a "special" delivery.
Rendered with the physical renderer (relying hugely on the reflectance channel) and post processed in After Effects with some color correction and post effects such as lens flare and motion blur. My goal was to strengthen my skills in modelling and texturing/shading (what turned out quiet good). Sound is a mashup of the DJ CUTMAN Remix of "Something About US" and some goods from

Final video / BITS+BOTS on Behance

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation. Modelling. Texturing. Shading. Concept.

Motion goes OFFF


Inspired by the pure thrill of anticipation for the upcoming OFFF 2015 in Barcelona, this short teaser is a testament for our motion department in all its facets: videography, 2D- and 3D-animation.

Delta Chain Carbon


A classic build-up video starring all the components of the new carbon belt by Optibelt, completely done in-house at Kochstrasse. Modelled, shaded, animated and rendered with Cinema 4D. Additional animation and compositing in After Effects.

Process: Making Of DCC

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Dagliga Bilder


At the first of january 2014 I started an experiment: create everyday an artwork sized 500 by 500 pixels. After a week I began to animate a small gif. It was a great opportunity to play with forms and colors and to try out new styles. I managed to design a total of 138 artworks in a row. The project is not completely wrapped up, but I don't design the gifs on a daily base anymore.
Go check them out on the link below!


  • ARNE BREUSING: Design. Animation.



kreis was part of the bottled gallery. Its a six by two meter back projection in a black painted basement of an old beverage store, which friends and colleagues of Kochstrasse transformed into a pop-up art gallery.

A collective of five motion designers created 18 clips, which begin and end with the same white circle on a black background. These short clips were played in a randomly ordered loop by the computer. A surprising stream of colorful motions and pictures arose.

I made six of these animations, which I cut together in this short collection.

bottled / Kochstrasse



In this small private project, I fell in love with shape layers in After Effects. Everything was made inside of AE and no Illustrator files were harmed during this project.

Music: Fhernando - Love Story

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation. Concept. Design.



An aged, desperate forester lives in a wooden hut deep in a forest. His old hound died and now a new, young, naughty dog shall learn to hunt. But the young, dynamic puppy is more interested in frogs, butterflies and birds and gets on the forester's nerves. Finally the pup ends up as trophy at the hut wall.

Sennheiser U320


For the Sennheiser U320 gaming headset we created a commercial by showing his multiple platform compatibilities (including the Playstation 3, PC, XBOX 360 and Mac). Each platform got his own world, which we blended into each other with clever transitions and no simple cut.


Duft des Westens


It's Friday the 27th of September 1973. Way too warm for a late September day, as the weather records prove. Suzi Quatro's "Can The Can" is the number one hit in the German single charts and on this very day "La Grande Bouffe" hits the cinemas – but Reinhold Huff will discover that later. It will be his last day in the GDR.

"Der Duft Des Westens" ("The Aroma Of The West") dedicates itself to the few hours and kilometres which claim the illegal trespass of the Inner German border. Nevertheless, an ostensibly endless and nearly unpromising escape. On his way he nervously passes a police check. Writhing through the thicket of a dense spruce forest while evading a spotlight. Chased by drooling dogs and almost getting caught. Mistakenly taking the seemingly redemptive second border fence back in the wrong direction. The motivation of the flight is assisted by retrospectives of recurring yearnings, such as the frequent "Westpaket" and his visits to the cinema as well as the suffered repressions with him ending up in an interrogation by the Ministry for State Security.

This short is a collegiate coproduction from Arne Breusing and Mark Huff, whose father has underwent the described escape. All textures are authentic prints – from original letters and protocols to newspapers and comics settled in the contemporaneous surroundings of the escape – a so called real existing paper world. The stereoscopic movie was made as a Bachelor Thesis on the University of Applied Science and Arts Hannover.

Sterescopic Version / Teaser



This animation short is the result of the sixth term at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover (communications design/multimedia: animation).
We tried to tell a story of workers, who walk headless through the desert towards the glory factory. But suddenly a thing change the mind of one of them and the system begins to get out of control.

  • MARK HUFF: Texturing / Shading. Modelling. Animation. Rendering. Concept.
  • ARNE BREUSING: Compositing. VFX. Animation. Rendering. Concept.
  • JÖRN LINDNER: 2D Animation. Character Design. Modelling. Concept.
  • KAI UWE HEMPEL: Sound.



Small Animation to learn Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D.

My intention was to render the bubbles and sparkles with Hair, but there was a problem with the refraction of the glas and the water. So I had to give them a real geometry witch caused a rendertime of about 4 days for the first 250 frames (with QMC complete animation). It's not perfect thou, but good enough for my first attempt with TP.
Compositing (including color correction and typo animation) was done in After Effects.

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation. Concept. Sound.

SNIPE the no lifestyle style


This is small animation job I did for MUTABOR during an internship. It's an image video for SNIPE, which was first presented at the bread&butter in Berlin and later featured on the website.
The print layouts were portrait so I had to adapt them for the widescreen video format. The illustrations were delivered as layered photoshop files, so it was quite easy to animate them in After Effects. Refering to the print designs I made the video footage monochrome, stabilized and cut it.

BeA Markenfilm


This is an imagefilm for the BeA group, one of Europe's leading manufacturers & suppliers of fastening systems, in which I was involved at MUTABOR during my internship.



A short setextension video for my university studies.
Filmed with a Panasonic HVX200 in 720p. Edited with PFTrack, Cinema4D and AfterEffects.

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation. Postproduction. Sound.



Short intro for my first portfolio DVD, animated in After Effects.

  • ARNE BREUSING: Animation.